What do you do with patience?

The lovely jessy over at chocolate mints in a jar
had a pretty strong status on her facebook profile a few days ago

It read :"I have something more important than courage, I have patience."

A powerful quote created by Micheal Jordan's brand for the NBA ad campaign

Day in day out we chat via e-mail and at the end of each email she sends me I see that quote it kept drumming in my head patience and courage

Having patience is indeed more important than courage but then what?

Today the question just popped out

RJay: Jessy what are you doing with YOUR patience?

Jessy: How do you mean? doing ? what do you do with patience crazy crazy sister hehe

Rjay : I mean what do you do with your kindness , ur fire ur smarts??

god given morals and attributes do u just leave them lying around or what? what do you use them for? what goal do you use them to achieve? WHAT ARE you doing with your patience ? or are you just leaving it lying around??

Jessy: lol u do nothing
u share them with the world

I liked her answer you share them with the world because that's how you make the world a better place

If you use your patience with the world and the people around you

Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

Then I thought "I know what I will do with my patience "

I will use it to let people show me who they really are I won't judge them or shun them because I was to quick to write them off as different

I will wait I will be patient and I will let the world show me it's true self

What about you ?? what will you do with that one strength you know you have to make the world a better place...........


marooned84 said...

It's been some time :)

I think patience is a tricky thing, because at the end of the day patience without work is not at all patience, it's stagnation, and patience on being treated badly or unjustly is not patience, it's submission. What is patience? My definition is that it's control of one's temper, and not being anxious and uneasy when expecting the results of whatever u did, and also accepting failures patiently and not letting it dishearten you.

Now what's you patience? does it stop at being tolerant?

jessyz said...

Patience really is more important than courage. Patience is what keeps me going when I am feeling lonely, sad, scared, angry and tired. It is what makes getting up in the middle of the night to change a diaper easier or not getting angry when someone gets on my nerves. Patience really is great.

Sara Abdel Azim said...

I wish I had enough patience sometimes.
Then again, other times I think I'm way too patient that people kinda take advantage of that and continue pushing me to the limit.. It's a bit tricky..

INAS said...


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