My take on "He's just not into you"

Jessyz and I were talking about the movie and this is a reply to her post .

"He's just not that in to you" *sigh * I read the book a coupla years ago after I'd watched Greg (who wrote the book) on Oprah.  I was really curious to what this book possibly had to say that would help all the girls out there waiting by the phone or crying over some jerk who couldn't find the time to call.

Surprisingly I was really impressed with the simplicity of the whole book it's about 80 pages long, in questions and answers format it's a kind of funny if you've never been in any of the situations greg describe (and quite brutally answers back)  but pretty painful to people who have.  I had a friend who litereally shut off her computer and refused to finish the book when she read a situation similar to her own anyways I was really looking forward to the movie and thought that it would b  one of those crazy type comedies that make fun of serious situations.

The movie I have to admit was a bit personally dissapointing because i expected a comedy, not such a deep movie (yeah yeah sometimes I like being shallow) however the ideas portrayed in the movie were very raw and honest which was quite impressive and mind opening.

My favorite part of the movie was that there was a charactrer that had a guy friend she would ask for advice on guy situations and he would automatically tell her "Run" or "he just doesn't like u"'s the catch for u as a viewer its's pretty obvious it's true but the shock that registers on the girls face is humbling we all do it we all get so shocked when some one hits us with  a truth we don't like.

Throughout the movie I would ask myself why why why do girls feel so hurt when a guy doesn't like them who cares it's universally impossible for everyone u meet to like u , not everyone likes oprah some ppl actively dislike babies ....come on i mean what makes me so special that i want everyone to like me.

Aaah then halfway through the movie a light bulb goes off....the girl's feelings are hurt odd reaction because it's the guy who simply isn't interested not that he thinks she's in anyway inadequate or bad.

I get it, the girl was so hurt because she thought she was flawed and for that she repelled a man ....that's it we are conditioned that if we are noce to ppl that they will b nice back if u love them enough the will eventually love u back or ur love will "fix them" but that's not true.  Maybe I didn't relate to the characters in the movie when it came to men but i did relate when it came to friends if u give enough she will appreciate DUH no she's just not that in to me LOL like jessy would say she's just not that good for u.

Which takes me to my next point well yeah a guy can like u and think ur amazing but he's just not good for u drug addict. alcoholic, beater or simply married ;-) and that's ur turn to ...."NOT be into him".

Enjoy the movie!


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