According to wikipedia “Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods of lack of activities or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them.”

The nerd in me actually looked that definition up heheh

To me it’s never really a lack of activities mind you but recently I’ve been having more and more prolonged bouts of boredom which sometimes turn into severe comical depression (pun intended) so at the fear of going on prozac or aspirin………. and since I’ve run out of silly things to do to break the cycle like making up silly statuses on facebook, blowing air into my niece’s face heheh (if you have a baby in the house try it very entertaining but somewhat cruel) so I’ve decided to chose ten crazy things to do the next time I’m bored , the objective of making up these ten things is to scare me out of being bored which to me sounds like a theoretically effective method (not actually doing any of them…..but of course that depends entirely on how quickly I’ll get bored the next time)

Here goes………..

1.Call pizza hut and ask them to send me farkha mashweya we mombar we kattar el salatat law sama7t

2.Walk around mahatet el raml , bump into people then yell at them WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING MAN and if anyone yells back at me I’ll just use the usual “I’m sorry I don’t speak arabic” line (am I the only one who uses that line?)

3.Wear sunglasses to work and take a little nap

4.Go into a clothes shop choose five items go into the dressing room put them all on at once go out and ask ppl in the store “do I look fat in this?” (note: must be a crowded shop)

5.Hail a cab and go “fady yastta” and if he says yes just say “tayeb” and hail another cab

6.Try all your nokia ring tones in a really crowded elevator

7.Give each finger a name and let them have conversations together (dressing them up would b cute too!!)

8.Spend some quality time with bawab el 3emarra and ask him what he thinks of ghala22 el benzene we 7all el balad (that oughta kill 5 hours!!!)

9.Watch a musical (preferably something really cheesy Annie, sound of music or Grease will do fine) and sing along at the top of my voice and try to do all the dances too!!!

10.Last but not least stand in front of a fan , make wooshing sounds and act like I’m in a shampoo commercial

I think I’ve already done some of these aaah well …..hehehe

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any mentally challenged person who tries any of the above suggestions since the article is written solely for entertainment purposes

Top ten reasons to love Egypt

El Balad Dee a7san men Gheerha

“E7na 7anshoof ayam soda fel balad dee”, “Da 7atta el hend wel seen saba2oona”, “Ya 3am el balad dee RAY7A FE DAHYA”


What you have just read above is a sample of what a lot of our conversations sound like nowadays.

It’s actually becoming a major fixture of our Egyptian culture it doesn’t matter if you’re an illiterate doorman or a multilingual college professor this is our new past time, it’s almost as popular as foul sandwiches and nokia cell phones!!!!

Basically they are hours and hours on end of fellow Egyptians dissing their country and I am ashamed to say I was one of them (major diss-fest starter) but……..

Not anymore!!

Don’t get me wrong I understand the reasons behind the country- dissing I’m the first to admit we have major problems and I know how damn frustrating it can be living here
How corrupt the system is, how chaotic our traffic is, how retarded our industries are, how annoying government employees are, how high the crime rate is getting on top of all that we have enormous potential going down the drain I can go on for pages I know I know I live here

But then again, are any of us planning on getting off our pretty asses and do something???

Anyone for a demonstration?? Anyone care for political arrest??

Ummm nope not me, I didn’t think so

Let me ask a question and please holler at me if the answer is yes….

Who has ever bribed to get their license back after getting a ticket / or to get their documents signed quicker??

I can hear you all the way from Alexandria (and I Live on the tenth floor)

My point is I have made a vital revelation many of you may not believe this but despite our raging criticisms of Egypt really deep down we like Egypt dare I say LOVE Egypt

Come on

We love Egypt it maybe dirty ,polluted ,crowded and filled with crazies but it’s our country we can call it our own we all have the fugly green passport right? We’ve all had a generous sip of the Nile (or at least Baraka, it is Egyptian right??)

I know my opinion maybe highly controversial but hear me out we’ve been whining about this for way too long we don’t really have to change the country we can just change the way we think it’s worth a try most of us are here to stay (or at least waiting for their visas)

So for all it’s worth this is a list of top ten things I LOVE about living in EGYPT

1. I love that the weather is never too hot or too cold to go out
2. I love that Cabbies and Mashroo3 drivers can abuse anyone on the street without fear (just to demonstrate the level of freedom they are the un-defied kings of the road)
3. I love that us Egyptians can talk our way out of any situation whatsoever
4. I love the Egyptian sense of humor (sarcastic and slightly sadistic as it may seem)
5. How 200 people will magically appear to help on an accident scene or to chase anyone who cries “7aramyy!!”
6. How hundreds of thousands of people come to Egypt to see the pyramids while we use it as a public restroom (we give a whole new meaning to holy crap)
7. How great our national flag is and how simple it is to paint it on your face for an Egyptian football match (red lipstick and black eyeliner will do the trick)
8. How bimbo biscuits have braved their way through major competition and still manages to cost 25 piasters (I wonder how the company still operates)
9. I love that anytime you get introduced to someone new he/she always happens to know one of your relatives or is a friend of a friend
10. Last but not least I love that no matter what, I know that I’ll always have my family and friends to lean on
Ta7ya Masr


There once was a little girl who liked to play in side her mind

She didn't like to venture out coz it was not as fun

She could color she could rant she could be a princess of the land

It's so much fun inside her head that she;s decided to share u see

her crazy world and crazy land

It is filled with colors it is filled with fun come this way my fellow friends for what u will seee will set u free

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