What does being normal mean?

I was recently reading Paulo Coelho’s “the winner stands alone” and was inspired by ‘the list of normal” where the character Javits Wild questioned what being normal meant but with an unusual twist; rather than asking people what they thought was normal he constructed a list of 46 things he saw people doing which are observed by them and others as “normal”

1-Working at a job that bores you and is farther from the dreams you had growing up than Mars is to Jupiter because it’s ‘safe’

2- Forgiving people over and over again who have proven time and time again that they are unreliable. Disloyal and downright selfish hoping that this time…. Definitely this time will be different

3-Making friends only with people who do the same things you do. go to the same places and know the same people as you do and wonder why you are uninspired and unimaginative

4- Women starving to lose weight to look like supermodels when every single heterosexual male in any given town in most countries of the world in the media or in real life insists (and shows) that he prefers curves

5-Working 16 hours a day at your job to get a promotion that will need working 20 hours a day to make more money than at the 16 hour-a-day-job and have no time to spend it

6-Vowing to never make the same mistakes with your children that your parents made when they were bringing you up and in the process simply …….make other ones that might just be worse than the ones your parents made

7-Buying sick people flowers to cheer them up …flowers that will droop and die after a few short days

8-Driving a car for an hour to a gym where you pay to sit on a bike that doesn’t go anywhere

9-Spending a fortune on Plastic surgery to make you stay younger when everybody can tell exactly how old you are

10- Eating with your fork in your left hand , knife in your right and elbows of your table , then travel east for a few hours to totally abandon all that sit on a floor and use your hands and two sticks to simply.....eat... ;-)

There are so many more points i would like to add some politically correct and some oh so not!!

Please share your own


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